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An open source UDP log event viewer written in C#.  This application should be suitable for use with Apache's log4j or  log4net logging frameworks.


  • Handles Unicode  or ASCII
  • Handles up to 10,000 log entries in memory without performance degradation 
  • Easily browse logs from a particular computer or a specific logger
  • "Dockable" windows allows customization of GUI layout

Latest Version

Version 2.0 beta 6 (Sept 09, 2011).


Chris Arrowood, et al.  Emails of praise or criticism are welcome. My email address is available on the project page (see link above.)


  • Icons from Everaldo's beautiful "Crystal Clear" KDE theme. Licensed as LGPL.
  • Some code snippets are from NetLogClient, written by Jared Bienz, et al.


This software is free to modify and distribute under the terms of the GPL version 2, June 1991.


  • Thanks to my wife and daughter for putting up with me the last week while writing this.  I know I have been cranky...
  • To the Apache Chainsaw authors for inspiration. Keep up the great work.
  • Thanks to Sourceforge for their generosity in hosting this project! Logo 


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